JCU Entrepreneur Kelson Adams launches his website: Howtobee.net

by Gabriele Cotronei

howtobeeAfter one month from the inauguration of the website, we met back with Kelson Adams to hear how his entrepreneurial venture is proceeding. Within the first 6 days, the site had around 600 visitors, and now they’re up to more than 1400.

The website also prompted the audience to give their feedback, which is both satisfying and useful for an entrepreneur. 5% of these 1400 visitors contributed with their comments and most of them were positive. Kelson is proud to announce that clients seem to be satisfied with How to Bee‘s service. Supporting this, is also the review and feedback of the President of the Beekeeper Association in New York.

The website is updated weekly and visitors can also download a free e-book designed by Silvia Bezzi. Kelson believes this is what boosted visits and marketing the most.The only problem seems to be the prospected long recovery of the initial investment, so the new project of the holding website will have to target a broader audience. Another difficulty is with the Amazon affiliate program, since for funding there needs to be one affiliate for each country. For the future, Kelson shares that his idea is to include drones!