Meet Recent Graduate in Marketing Lorenza Guerri

Hello! My name is Lorenza, I graduated in Marketing from John Cabot University last May and I just had the opportunity to make my dreams come true: this month I moved to Los Angeles to start a one-year paid marketing and project management internship. The years spent at John Cabot have prepared me academically, personally, and professionally to achieve my goal of working abroad.

All the courses I took at JCU were not only interesting but also useful. The Business Communications class with Professor Favorite helped me to communicate successfully in a business environment and to stand out for my preparation, accuracy, and creativity. In fact, the hiring manager where I work now complimented me on my cover letter: she considered it creative and targeted to the job offer. Additionally, all the Marketing classes at JCU have given me a very high level marketing knowledge, comparable to those with a Master’s degree. In each of his classes, Professor Signorini taught me to think outside the box, which makes me competitive and ready for new challenges.

From a personal point of view, John Cabot University gave me the chance to broaden my horizons, meet people from all over the world, and welcome diversity as an opportunity from which to learn and grow. Indeed, my new job will require me to communicate with customers from different countries and cultures around the world and to target their needs, which I will be able to do thanks to what I learned from JCU’s multicultural environment. Thanks to the Direct Exchange program at JCU, I was able to study a semester abroad at San Diego State University in California. This helped me fully immerse myself in the American and Mexican cultures and helped prepare me for my current job.

John Cabot University has also helped me from the professional point of view, with the Career Services Center and Professor Salvatore. While I was still studying, I had the opportunity to intern for a company which is a Google partner. Then, after graduation, I interned for a luxury real estate and short term rentals firm thanks to the support of JCU’s Career Services. Both these internships were great experiences which allowed me to get the job in Los Angeles. My internet marketing and luxury travel planning knowledge were appreciated by the hiring manager.

In conclusion, JCU supported me in all respects and gave me a solid academic, personal, and professional preparation. Most importantly, it helped me to achieve my goal: interning in California.