JCU Holds Annual Student Leadership Training Day

On Friday, January 23, 2015, John Cabot University held its annual training session for student leaders: Student Leadership Training Day.

Student club leaders and Orientation leaders play a critical role in the JCU community. The training focused on the qualities and skills that make a good leader, JCU community values, and a leader’s role in developing these values in others.

The day began with a welcome from President Franco Pavoncello and was followed by an email etiquette seminar by
Community Service and Cultural Program Coordinator
Julia del Papa, a workshop on social justice, and a series of elevator pitches by each of the student clubs led by Director of Student Life Pilar Murguia.

Student Leadership Training Day

Student Leadership Training Day

President Pavoncello shared words of wisdom with the student leaders, citing his own experiences as JCU President. Dr. Pavoncello stressed that a leader must possess honesty, transparency, ethical behavior, and above all, a dedication to his or her cause. To inspire others, leaders should ensure that team members understand the “big picture.” A leader should make sure that everyone has clear goals, a sense of individual ownership, and clarity of how decisions will affect a bigger scenario.

When asked how to deal with problems as a leader, the President responded that a leader must learn to balance immediate concerns with strategic daily tasks to prevent immediate concerns from always taking precedence over more important matters. He urged students to avoid acting with haste, and instead to think twice before making decisions. The President stressed that neither “group think” nor working alone are conducive to success, and consequently leaders must acknowledge and reward their team members who are doing a good job. He noted that it is paramount to have people you trust as a sounding board, but sometimes a leader has to make decisions that his or her staff will not agree with or like.

The afternoon continued with an elevator speech from each of the JCU Clubs and organizations: