From Milan to JCU: A Smooth Transition for Student Francesco Porzio

Francesco Porzio

Francesco Porzio

For Italian students, studying at John Cabot University is completely different from what we are used to and what we expect from a university. For me, there are four things that set JCU apart.

Organization. The first thing I noticed was how well-organized JCU is. Offices, departments and professors are easy to get in touch with, so students feel well-taken care of. We know that competent and considerate people will answer our questions.

Students at the center. As I got to know JCU better, I came to understand that the student is at the center of the learning experience. In my first semester I took a public speaking course, and it was organized to help students understand quickly what their strengths and weaknesses were and how to improve them. As a Communications student, improving my public speaking is crucial.

Class sizes. Making the student the center of the learning experience is also possible thanks to the size of the classes, which have an average of 15 students. It is incredibly easy to establish a relationship with other students and with professors, who are available to answer questions and provide extra help with just about anything. Many of my professors have helped me overcome obstacles.

Extracurricular activities. The next thing that sets JCU apart is the richness of non-academic activities a student can choose from, both on and off campus. For example, the Career Services Office helps students find internships and jobs. The student clubs offer possibilities to pursue longtime passions or hobbies and also develop new ones.

In short, moving from Milan to JCU was a great decision and one that I recommend to students my age. John Cabot helped me make the transition from my Italian high school smooth and enjoyable. My first contact with the JCU community was incredible. I found a well-organized university that is always striving to improve its relationship with the students.


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