Impact Hub, the Widest Social Innovation Center Network in the World.

logo impact hubOn Wedensday, February 11, 2015, Prof. Signorini’s class welcomed Dario Carrera, CEO and founder of Impact Hub Roma. Impact Hub is an international network spanning 53 cities and 4 continents, which provides physical spaces where entrepreneurs and creative professionals can access resources, be inspired by the work of others, share ideas, develop useful relationships and identify new market opportunities.

Even during his PhD in Economics, traveling between Italy and London, Dario’s goal was to find ways to translate social movements into social enterprises. In his view, Economics is a philosophy that one can use to interpret the surrounding reality, and he invited students to begin by studying the context, people and territory and only after that use economic theories to create change.

Then he illustrated the environment of social enterprise and the current environmental challenges.

With this idea in his mind, he discovered the Hub, a co-working space that links participants from many different industries. Impact Hub is characterized by a social mission with the goal to reinvent the traditional ways of creating an enterprise and feed entrepreneurs. With the explosion of the green economy in 2005, many people entered the Hub, curious to become a social entrepreneur, a designer, or simply create something new. Thus, the hub provides the tools for networking, an essential task for anyone wishing to marshall resources for change.

Dario’s last advice to students was to expand their horizons, participate in events and conferences on different subjects, but most importantly not to be scared of failures.

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