Meet Study Abroad Alumna Alice Coyne

A Journalism and Art History major from Freehold, New Jersey, Alice Coyne studied abroad at John Cabot University in Spring 2014 and marked it “the first step in what I hope is a lifelong journey of traveling, exploring, and learning about the world.” Alice is currently finishing her final semester of studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Find out more about Alice’s experience and learn why John Cabot is a great place to study abroad in Rome!

Alice Coyne

Alice Coyne

What made you decide to choose John Cabot as a place to study abroad? Did it meet your expectations?
As an Art History major, I have a huge interest in Italian art, so seeing everything I’ve been studying for three years was incredibly exciting and rewarding. I had also taken a year of Italian back at home, and so I wanted to get more familiar with the culture. Rome just makes so much sense for anyone interested in Italy’s rich history and culture, not to mention the great food!.

What makes JCU special? What makes it a good place to study Art History?
Its awesome location in the beautiful Trastevere neighborhood, its excellent faculty, and its comprehensive curriculum. I felt as though every class I took helped me better understand and appreciate Italian culture, even if the subject wasn’t directly related. The professors’ desire to make us enthusiastic about Italy and Italian culture really came through in their teaching and made all of my classes exciting and enjoyable.

What were the professors at JCU like?
The professors were really committed to their work and to helping students. Coming from such a large home university, it was a nice change of pace to have direct attention and assistance in smaller class settings.

Is there a particular professor who impressed you?
Professor Lila Yawn’s incredible knowledge and passion for art history was really contagious and I found myself thinking about the subject in totally new ways. She really sparked my curiosity and challenged me to think critically.

What kind of opportunities did JCU offer you? What skills did you acquire or develop during your time at John Cabot University?
Living in Rome definitely gave me confidence in my ability to navigate foreign and unfamiliar places, as well as a new sense of curiosity and adventure. The more you explore, the more you realize how much is left unexplored. Studying at JCU was the first step in what I hope is a lifelong journey of traveling, exploring and learning about the world.

What advice would you give to students considering JCU as a place to study abroad?
Go there! Rome is by far the best place to study, since the whole city is a museum. There’s so much to learn, and John Cabot offers so many opportunities to facilitate that learning. I’d definitely recommend taking an on-site class too. Every day I did something different and learned something new — I couldn’t imagine studying anywhere else.

What do you miss about Rome?
Everything! Mostly the opportunity for adventure every single day — I don’t think it’s possible to ever be bored in such an amazing city.

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