JCU Welcomes Professor Veronica Benet-Martinez for Lecture on "The Psychology of Multicultural Experiences and Identities"

Professor Veronica Benet-Martinez

Professor Veronica Benet-Martinez

The JCU Department of Economics and Social Sciences was pleased to host Veronica Benet-Martinez, Professor of Psychology at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona on April 1st for a lecture entitled “The Psychology of Multicultural Experiences and Identities.”

Cultural contact due to factors such as migration, globalization, and travel has made cultural diversity experiences an everyday phenomenon and led to unprecedented numbers of individuals who consider themselves bi-cultural and multicultural. What are the psychological consequences of these acculturative and identity processes?

Using a framework that integrates acculturation, social-identity theory, and individual differences approaches, and that relies on laboratory experiments, and survey and social network methodologies, this presentation reviewed a program of research conducted to examine how multicultural individuals process and respond to dual cultural information, how they integrate their different cultural identities into a cohesive sense of self, how they maintain competing loyalties between different cultural groups, and the socio-cognitive and adjustment consequences of this type of experiences and identities.

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