JCU Department of Communications Welcomes Liberian-Italian Rapper Anna Maria Gehnyei (Karima 2G)

Anna Maria Gehnyei, aka Karima 2G

Anna Maria Gehnyei, aka Karima 2G

On Thursday, June 4, John Cabot University was pleased to welcome Anna Maria Gehnyei for a guest lecture and showcasing of her first album, 2G (Soupu Music, 2014).

Gehnyei, known as Karima 2G, is a Liberian-Italian rapper, singer, dancer and beatsmith, known for her fiery political commentary and lyrics. Gehnyei’s music explores issues of race, ethnicity, and national identity through her native Pidgin English set to the backdrop of reggae, grime, afrobeat, and electronic elements.

2G, which stands for “second generation,” tackles Italian politics and its biased immigration policies, in addition to stressing the importance for people of the African diaspora to maintain connections with their heritage.

Gehnyei’s strong social and political commentary was perhaps best exemplified through a screening of her music video for “Orangutan,” the centerpiece track of the album. The video and lyrics make direct reference to the blatant racism Cécile Kyenge, Italy’s first black Minister for Integration, received from fellow politician Roberto Calderoli as he likened her to an orangutan in 2013.

The event was followed by a lively Q & A session, where Gehnyei demonstrated her beat-making process, and gave a sneak peek of her latest tracks.

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