JCU Professor Silvia Ammary Publishes New Book: "The Influence of the European Culture on Hemingway’s Fiction"

Silvia Ammary

The Influence of the European Culture on Hemingway’s Fiction by Silvia Ammary

JCU Professor Silvia Ammary has just published the volume The Influence of the European Culture on Hemingway’s Fiction with Lexington Books.

From the publisher’s website:

The work is an essential companion to all those who study Hemingway. The book deals with how Hemingway depicts Europe in his fiction, not necessarily from a biographical point of view, as most critical books have dealt with, but how he assimilates to the culture of Europe, portrays the different aspects of that culture in food, music, customs, architecture, and literature. This study views Hemingway’s stories and novels through a new lens by applying new critical developments, emergent approaches, and transnational studies to aid in a fuller understanding of Hemingway.

Professor Ammary currently teaches American literature and writing at John Cabot University, where she also acts as Coordinator of ENLUS
(English Language for University Studies). In the Fall 2015 semester, Prof. Ammary will be teaching EN 200 Introduction to Literature as well as EN 315 Special Topics in American Literature: The Modern American Novel .

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