Harambeans, Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance's 2015 Rome Forum

Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance’s 2015 Rome Forum

On Friday, September 4th the JCU Institute for Entrepreneurship led a group of JCU Students to the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance‘s 2015 Rome Forum. The Alliance is a network of highly educated young African entrepreneurs from leading universities worldwide, spearheading social and business ventures across Africa.

Harambe has been part of IFE’s network for many years, providing great inspiration to our community with their exceptional achievements. Their network of entrepreneurs have chosen to put their education to the service of the African society instead of following easier paths in the United States or Europe. As emphasized by Founder Okendo Lewis Gayle in his recently published book, “Harambeans, Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things”, the values that embody their spirit are Servant Leadership, Deliberate Audacity and Enduring Optimism.

This year’s entrepreneurs illustrated these values with their own initiatives. Ms. Algeo, for example, transforming early childhood education in South Africa with Launchpad; Mr. Ngwenya, delivering market access to rural farming communities in Malawi with Roadless; Ms. Buolamwini, promoting human rights through technology education with Code4Rights.

After the Forum, students had the honor to personally meet the entrepreneurs and share with them life experiences and future goals.

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