Guarini Institute for Public Affairs Advisers Meet in New York City

Guarini Institute Advisers

Guarini Institute Advisers

On Wednesday, November 25th, four of the five US-based advisers of the Guarini Institute for Public Affairs took part in a business luncheon at the New York Athletic Club. The luncheon was offered by the honorable Frank J. Guarini, Chairman of JCU’s Board of Trustees and founder of the Institute, in celebration of the Institute’s ten years of activity.

Prof. Federigo Argentieri, the director of the Guarini Institute, joined Prof. Eduardo Albrecht, Leila Amineddoleh J. D., Prof. Robert T. Leclair and Fr. James McCann S.J. at the meeting where they discussed current world affairs, including the terrorist threat, the Middle-East conflict, Russia and next year’s US presidential election.

Reviewing past events and future programs, they all welcomed the news that one of the most prestigious academics in the country, prof. Joseph Nye from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Business, is scheduled to hold a distinguished lecture at JCU in April 2016.