Professor Argentieri Presents at the 2015 Annual Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies Convention

On Friday, November 20th, Professor Federigo Argentieri presented his paper “Putin in the West – Kremlin Propaganda as Echoed in EU Countries” at the 2015 Annual Convention for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies in Philadelphia. His paper is slated to be published next year by Indiana University Press in a book entitled “Ukraine in Perpetual Transition.”

Prof. Argentieri presented his paper alongside a panel of speakers from various universities, including professors from George Washington University and the University of Alberta, Canada. To conclude his reading, Prof. Argentieri compared the resemblance of the current situation with Crimea and Donbass to other similar historical events, offering that the lessons history taught the West and Russia could inspire reasonable solutions to the current conflict.

Following the presentations of their papers, the panel discussed the current perspectives of the conflict in Eastern Europe, with the inclusion of recent developments such as the refugee crisis, terrorism, and the possibility of Russia joining in an alliance against ISIS. From the discussion, it became clear that there is a general fear of the Russo-Ukrainian war being “forgotten” as public attention shifts to the aforementioned challenges.