Gioielli D.O.P Works with JCU Students to Design a Plan to Enter the US Market

The JCU students who worked with Gioielli D.O.P

The JCU students who worked with Gioielli D.O.P

Prof. Maiolini’s International Management class worked with Italian startup Gioielli D.O.P to create a feasible US Market entry strategy, under the umbrella of the Learn-Do-Share initiative. Gioielli D.O.P. is a startup that combines jewellery, Italian craftsmanship and Italian food excellence into a special collection that is currently finding its way in the Italian market. Early in the semester founders Giorgio Isabella and Filippo Capitanio presented students with key facts regarding their idea and development of the company. The students were divided in groups and throughout the semester used their knowledge to internationalize the brand and thus reach a wider public. A thorough analysis of the US market and the evaluation of different possible strategies led to several proposals for a complete entry strategy that will enable Gioielli D.O.P. to establish a presence in the United States.

Learn-Do-Share is a John Cabot initiative that brings real companies and real problems into the classroom, allowing students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world situations. Companies brief students who then work in teams, supervised by a professor, to solve problems or seize opportunities; the work spans several weeks and concludes with an oral presentation to the company, supported by a written analysis and recommendation.
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