CEO of Melio Welcomed by Institute for Entrepreneurship

One of the objectives of the JCU Institute for Entrepreneurship is to provide education and training in the fundamentals of best entrepreneurial practices. Every semester the Institute invites 20+ entrepreneurs to the classroom to share their experience in real time. This allows students to network, learn about the entrepreneurial landscape in Italy, get a real sense of how to identify a business opportunity, and gather the resources needed to go from idea to implementation.

Melio CEO Giuseppe Flores d'Arcais

Melio CEO Giuseppe Flores d’Arcais

On March 3, the JCU Institute for Entrepreneurship, in collaboration with the BUS 305 Introduction to Entrepreneurship class taught by Professor Silvia Pulino, welcomed the CEO of Melio Giuseppe Flores d’Arcais.

Prof. Pulino introduced d’Arcais as a “serial entrepreneur.” His latest project, Melio TV, is an over-the-top (OTT) content platform designed for mobile network operators (MNOs). Melio creates entertainment for MNOs, like Vodafone and WIND, including highly focused channels for music artists, sports teams and athletes. Customers can access the service both through phones and tablets.

The creation of a new high-tech product, d’Arcais explained, is a process. At first, one must ask him- or herself what value will his/her product add to society. Once this question is answered, and the idea for the product is developed, having a strong pitch is of the utmost importance. It is necessary to be able to paint a short and concise canvas of one’s business idea for investors, and this can only be done if one knows the ins and outs of both his idea and the market. However, d’Arcais continued, there is a stark difference between a project on paper and in reality. Therefore, “the key to succeeding as an entrepreneur is being able to adapt once the idea has left paper and become a fathomable product,” d’Arcais said.

To conclude, as a CEO d’Arcais said the “secret” to succeed in entrepreneurship is not only to have a strong team of collaborators and the ability to raise funding for one’s startup, but also the ability to “create and retain value”.

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