Prof. Argentieri at ASEEES - MAG Convention

Professor Federigo Argentieri

Professor Federigo Argentieri

On June 26-28, Professor Federigo Argentieri took part in the Summer Convention jointly organized by U.S.-based ASEEES and MAG, a new organization aimed at promoting scholarly relations among Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian academics and researchers.

The venue of the meeting was the historic city of Lviv, which over the past century went from the Austro-Hungarian empire to Poland, then to the Soviet Union and finally, exactly 25 years ago, to independent Ukraine. Lviv used to be one of the most multi-everything cities in Europe, but after the turmoil of world wars and the destruction of Hitlerite and Stalinist tyrannies many ethno-religious groups almost disappeared: today, it is viewed as the capital of Ukrainian language and civilization. The host organization UKU, a renovated, modern, and dynamic university, did a great job providing all necessary means for the success of this major East-West encounter.

The panel, entitled “Italian Images of Ukraine 1930-2015: A Soviet Satellite in the West?” addressed the difficulties faced by Italian politicians, media and public opinion in viewing Ukraine as a reality in its own right as opposed to a province of the Russian empire, as well as the reasons of such behavior.