Prof. Pulino at Roundtable on Innovation


Professor Silvia Pulino

On July 13, 2016, Business Administration Professor and Director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship, Silvia Pulino participated in “Una giornata per l’innovazione” (“A Day for Innovation”), a roundtable on innovation organized by Fondazione Ampioraggio.

Prof. Pulino spoke about the role of universities and education in culture. “We need to change mentalities,” she stated, “and that is a generational goal, that will perhaps take us twenty years to accomplish.” For Pulino, school, from kindergarten to university, has the fundamental role of accustoming students to change and failure. She continued stating that “we need to pay more attention to the role of resources, meaning people possessing not only specific competences, but also relational and emotional skills, and the capacity to handle uncertainty and face failure without feeling lost. Innovating means precisely plunging into a new, unknown world, where we are unprepared and need to find both competences and resources.”

Thus, it is fundamental to prepare youth who are going to work in any sector to enter the new world. Educators on every level need to take on this mission. It is necessary, then, to stimulate the simplification of children’s decision-making, as to allow them to put themselves to the test, while respecting merit and favoring work in groups.