Prof. Sorgner Invited to Symposium in Taiwan

Together with other thought leaders, JCU Philosophy Professor Stefan Sorgner was invited to the Global Initiatives Symposium 2016 in Taiwan dedicated to the topic “Redefine the Limitations”. The Symposium will take place July 11-15 and will be attended by 300 students, selected through a Proposal Examination. Professor Sorgner will talk about the need to redefine the limitations of the Humanities by including Posthuman Studies.

Professor Sorgner was also recently interviewed in a special  journal issue on transhumanism of the journal FIfF-Kommunikation  together with two other “heavyweights of the transhumanism scene,” James J. Hughes from the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies in Boston, and the 2016 US Presidential candidate of the Transhumanist Party, Zoltan Istvan.