Marketing Students Welcome Stefano La Noce

CEO and Founder of Donapp, Stefano La Noce

CEO and Founder of Donapp, Stefano La Noce

On September 6, 2016, students of Professor Signorini‘s class MKT 490, Strategic Marketing Management, welcomed Stefano La Noce, CEO and Founder of Donapp, a startup accelerated by Luiss Enlabs. La Noce visited the class as part of Learn-Do-Share, an initiative of the Institute of Entrepreneurship (IFE) that brings together students and companies, allowing students to work on real projects, under the supervision of the professor.

Donapp is an app that connects companies and non-profit organizations (NPOs) in a network that allows consumers to make “zero cost” donations while purchasing goods. Specifically, a company that is part of the Donapp network decides to donate a set percentage of the price of their goods to charity; when a customer, who also has Donapp, makes a purchase, the set percentage is automatically donated to an NPO.

The idea is revolutionary in that it does not involve extra costs for anyone: not for the customer, nor for the company, since under Italian law donations to non-profit organizations are tax-deductible (up to a €70.000 cap); as for NPOs, they get to receive donations from a new, and yet unexplored, channel.

La Noce then briefed students on the project: a marketing strategy that will spread the news of Donapp to companies, non-profits, and customers. Donapp’s success would mean that NPOs in need of support would be able to receive a great number of small donations, coming from everyday purchases. “We want to change the world,” La Noce said “and you will help us change it.”

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