Professor Sorgner Publishes New Monograph on Transhumanism

Professor Stefan Sorgner

Professor Stefan Sorgner

Philosophy Professor Stefan Sorgner‘s new monograph Transhumanism: “The Most Dangerous Idea in the World”!? will be published in German by Herder. It will come out on September 29th, 2016. Professor Sorgner’s work aims to introduce the concept of Transhumanism to a wider public, and explains how Sorgner’s weak Nietzschean Transhumanism differs from other versions of Transhumanism.

In cooperation with James Hughes, Sangkyu Shin and Penn State University Press, Professor Sorgner has established The Journal of Posthuman Studies which will be forthcoming in 2017. The journal is fully peer reviewed and multidisciplinary, developed to analyze what it is to be human in an age of rapid technological, scientific, cultural, and social evolution. The erosion of the technological, biological, and environmental boundaries between human and ‘the other,’ and the challenging of perceptions of normalcy, have generated a range of ethical, philosophical, cultural, and artistic questions that this journal seeks to address.

The journal encourages submissions from a range of disciplines such as: philosophy, sociology, literary studies, cultural studies, critical theory, media studies, bioethics, medical ethics, anthropology, religious studies, disability studies, gender studies, queer studies, critical animal studies, environmental studies, and the visual arts.

Read The Journal of Posthuman Studies.