JCU Participates in Interactive Live Streaming Project with Sacred Heart University

WHEN: Monday, November 14 starting at 2:30pm through Friday, November 18 at 8:45pm

WHERE: Guarini Campus’s main lobby in the back corner near the library entrance

To celebrate International Education Week from November 14-18, John Cabot University will be participating in an interactive live streaming project with Sacred Heart University in Connecticut, USA. Sacred Heart’s Global Affairs office will be doing live streaming via Skype 24/7 with several of their partner universities across the world, including the University of Bergen (Norway), the Costa Rica Institute of Technology, and John Cabot University.

We will be providing whiteboards and markers, and low-level audio will be available. We invite students, faculty, and staff to come by at any time and interact with college students on the other side of the ocean: wave, write a message or ask a question on the whiteboard, start a conversation.

Please note that due to the 6-hour time difference, most interaction will take place from about 2:30pm until JCU closing time.