Programming Towards Facebook: Francesco Collacciani

Born and raised in Rome, 21-year-old Francesco Collacciani studies International Affairs. Both a student and entrepreneur, Francesco’s passion for programming led him to create two ventures: Luxury Manager and GPA Paper. In the future, he would like to work for Facebook. We talked with Francesco about coding, his two projects and his career goals.

Francesco Collacciani

Francesco Collacciani

How did you get started with coding?
My love for coding began at age 12 when my parents gave me my first computer. I started surfing the web and one day I read about a programming language, Python. I enrolled in a free online course that taught me the basics, before moving on to editing the apps I had on my phone. Learning Python and later web design languages (HTML, CSS, JS, etc.) really solidified coding as my biggest passion. Here at John Cabot I had the opportunity to take Web Design I & II. These classes taught me the correct coding form, shortcuts, and technical terms, something I had never learned before. Having a professor explain something is definitely easier than learning it on your own.

How did you decide to transform your passion into a job?
While taking Web Design, Professor Marco Scaramastra introduced me to a company near the Spanish Steps in Rome and I ended up designing their website. After this experience I decided to launch my own service: Luxury Manager. Customers choose one of the three pricing options and I handle the creation of their entire online presence, from web design to social media management, to advertising and more.

What is GPA paper?
I always enjoyed writing papers, but I found it very stressful that forgetting a quotation mark can flag you for plagiarism. This is why I created GPA Paper. This service allows students to check papers for plagiarism, with a onetime fee per paper and unlimited revisions. As in the case of Luxury Manager, I designed and coded GPA Paper in its entirety.

These projects are meant to help me acquire more skills and boost my portfolio. Working for Facebook is my primary goal, but it is not easy to get in. So I’m doing as much as possible in order to be ready when there is an opening.

Why do you want for Facebook specifically?
I find Facebook to be one of the best companies ever created. It connects us all to one another, it offers a service of the highest quality and yet free, it’s incredibly easy to use. I know they offer many jobs in different professional areas and countries. I’d like to work in their California headquarters.

Do you have any advice for a student starting at JCU?
Don’t let your passion take a back seat! Focus on what you are doing, but always keep your final goal in mind. I believe it’s helpful to have a plan B, or even plan C. You need to have something to fall back on should things not go as planned. Other than this, expand your knowledge and connect with as many people as possible. And listen to the advice professors give you!