Filippo Chiricozzi Hosts Second Lecture in "IFE Speaker Series"

Filippo Chiricozzi, COO of Moovenda

Filippo Chiricozzi, COO of Moovenda

On Wednesday, March 31, 2017, the Institute for Entrepreneurship welcomed Filippo Chiricozzi, COO of Moovenda, for the second of four lectures in the “IFE Speaker Series.” The presentation, held in Professor Pulino’s BUS 305 – Intro to Entrepreneurship class, introduced the general concepts of digital marketing before focusing on Facebook marketing.

Chiricozzi identified the different types of media a company can utilize to run a marketing campaign. Historically, there are owned media (the ones controlled by a company), paid media, and earned media (for instance, word of mouth from existing customers). With the advent of digital technologies, and the Internet especially, a fourth category appeared: convergent media, in which two or more of the previous categories co-exist.

After taking a deeper look at the main marketing tools within each type of media, Chiricozzi discussed a shift in the approach to marketing. While in traditional (push) marketing the customer is a passive receiver of the message, in the new environment of inbound (or pull) marketing, the customer is active. The new marketing strategies, Chiricozzi said, are about creating marketing initiatives that customers love, and actively seek out.

Chiricozzi continued by describing a typical purchase funnel, formed by four steps: awareness, interest, desire, and action. A potential customer is made aware of a brand, becomes interested, develops a desire for a certain product, and ultimately buys it. He then described how new media shape such a funnel, and which channels play a part transforming a potential customer into an actual customer. Chiricozzi concluded by taking a detailed look at a typical Facebook campaign, before showing the students a few useful tools to run online marketing campaigns.

The IFE Speaker Series will continue with two more lectures by Filippo Chiricozzi.
Wednesday June 7, 11.00am – 12.45pm: “Sell me this pen!”
Wednesday May 21, 11.00am – 12.45pm: Crisis Management: from hero to zero to super hero!

The lectures will be held in the BUS 305 class and are open to all students.