Professor Salvatore at Round Table on Digital Innovation and Cultural Heritage

Professor Salvatore at Digitaly 2018 guest panel

Professor Salvatore at Digitaly 2018 guest panel

Professor Antonella Salvatore participated in a round table on digital innovation and cultural heritage hosted by The Innovation Group and Zètema Progetto Cultura at Casa del Cinema (Villa Borghese, Rome) on June 20th. The event is part of Digitaly 2018, a research project aimed at bringing together ideas, best practices, and initiatives in the area of cultural and digital innovation of the Italian economic system. The project also fosters networking by connecting different players and industries, both in the public and private sectors, in order to match supply with demand in the cultural heritage and tourism industry.

As the Director of the Center for Career Services and Continuing Education at John Cabot University, Professor Salvatore was invited to give her perspective on career development and professional education of graduates and young professionals, who wish to build a career in culture management and tourism. The Center partners with over 580 companies and organizations and offers career development courses to alumni, young professionals, managers, and entrepreneurs. For instance, the course “Management and Digitization of Cultural Heritage” is offered in partnership with Verderame Progetto Cultura and aimed at the professional development of the “cultural manager.” The course was awarded the AIF “Adriano Olivetti” 1st prize for educators in the “University and Schools” category.

Francesca Jacobone, President of Zètema Progetto Cultura, and Roberto Masiero, President of The Innovation Group, introduced the round table participants and guest speakers, underlining the importance of involving the Italian business community in order to have a positive impact on both the public and the professionals in the field. The main question open to the participants was “How does your organization contribute to digital innovation?” Computer Scientist, engineer, and Rome City Council Member Flavia Marzano stated that technology is a mean not an end. Her concern as a professional is to improve what is known as BES – Benessere Equo e Sostenibile (fair and sustainable well-being) by developing both technologies and communications with citizens. The outcomes of the research Digitaly 2018 by The Innovation Group and Zètema Progetto Cultura will be presented in November at the Capitol in Rome. Check the official website of the Innovation Group project.