Service Learning Meet & Greet: JCU Hosts Humanitarian Partners

The JCU Service Learning Project first annual meeting

The JCU Service Learning Project First Annual Meeting

On June 15th, the JCU Service Learning Project – Combining Fieldwork and Education hosted its first Annual Meeting with partner organizations that offer learning opportunities to JCU students and alumni who wish to explore careers in the humanitarian field. The aim of the event was to reunite all partners and offer John Cabot University as a reference point for networking in the field of social inclusion. In this way JCU will continue to develop resources and possibilities for students and alumni to prepare them for civic engagement, enhancing their career development by connecting educational goals with service to those in need.

The roundtable opened with a presentation by the Service Learning team and project coordinator, Professor Andrea Lanzone, and Director of the JCU Career Services Center and Continuing Education, Professor Antonella Salvatore. The Service Learning Project was developed by the JCU Center for Professional & Continuing Education, in collaboration with the Dean’s Office and the JCU Community Service Program. The project promotes professional development through internships, jobs and career fairs, education through workshops, events, special lectures, and courses, and fieldwork via volunteer activities and community service.

JCU welcomed representatives from Civico Zero, Save the Children, Casa Scalabrini 634 and Humilitas, ASCS Onlus (presented by JCU Alumna Marianna Occhiuto), VORECO (Volontari Regina Coeli), Chiesa di Santa Lucia del Gonfalone, Vaccari Institute, AIESEC, ENGIM, Croce Rossa Italiana, Comitato Area Metropolitana di Roma, I Poveri al Centro, FOCSIV, and Le Tele di Penelope (presented by Continuing Education Alumna Marina Benemeglio.) They illustrated their mission, goals, and projects that support vulnerable areas of both the local and global community. In addition, the Service Learning partners presented proposals for future projects to be developed in collaboration with John Cabot University. Professor Lanzone commented, “Service Learning will always be dedicated to providing resources to people in need, and families that are facing hardships within our communities. This is what we do.” Professor Salvatore concluded, “Service Learning plays a role in teaching students and alumni about the importance of giving back to the community. Most of the time, good professionals get to know what civic engagement really means.”