Immigration in a Search-Equilibrium Model: Bright Ikhenaode

Bright Ikhenaode

Bright Ikhenaode

The Department of Economics organized a presentation by Bright Ikhenaode titled “Immigration, Skill Acquisition and Fiscal Redistribution in a Search-Equilibrium Model” on Wednesday, January 30.

Introduced by JCU Professor Adrian Stoian, Bright Ikhenaode, a Ph.D. candidate in Economics at La Sapienza University in Rome. began his presentation by saying that international migration is now at the heart of public debates and selective migration policies are proliferating worldwide in order to protect national employment and welfare.

Ikhenaode showed estimates of the effects of potential immigration on natives’ welfare, labor market outcomes and fiscal redistribution using data from 19 OECD countries. He found international migration to increase natives’ welfare under most scenarios. In particular, the obtained results suggest that natives’ skill adjustment and age composition play a key role in the assessment of fiscal and labor market effects of immigration, which turn out to be positive for most of the analyzed OECD countries.

Bright Ikhenaode has a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Economics from La Sapienza University in Rome.