JCU Summer Engineering Students Visit Roma Tre University

On June 4 and 5, 2019, JCU visiting summer engineering professors and students toured the laboratories of Roma Tre University’s Department of Engineering. Roma Tre doctoral students gave short presentations on their current research.  JCU professors and students enjoyed learning about the many areas of research being undertaken at Roma Tre.

John Cabot University Summer Engineering Students Visit Roma Tre University

John Cabot University Summer Engineering Students Visit Roma Tre University

The visit was part of the recently launched “Project Work Program” between John Cabot University and Roma Tre University’s Department of Engineering. This initiative provides opportunities for Italian and international doctoral students to receive mentoring from American professors regarding course development and delivery for fundamental engineering courses in English. The project also includes interacting with American and international visiting students, providing tutoring sessions in English, and introducing the laboratory project in English at Roma Tre.

One of the participating visiting professors was Susan Reynolds, from Colorado School of Mines, who is teaching Engineering Fundamentals: Statics this summer at JCU. Professor Reynolds said, “It was rewarding to see the students connect the engineering theory we study at JCU with the research conducted by the doctoral students at Roma Tre. Our students asked many critical questions that bridged the abstract engineering and science concepts needed in undergraduate education to a diverse array of practical engineering applications.”

“One of my favorite aspects of teaching at JCU,” continued Professor Reynolds, “is the ability to connect with each student in the room and dynamically adjust the lesson in ways that are impossible for typical engineering class sizes of 60-100. I currently have 14 students in my Statics class and have gotten to know each one of them over the course of the summer session. Samyajit Basu, my partnering Roma Tre doctoral student, quickly recognized the benefits of these small section sizes. Samyajit collaborated with me in the design of a dynamic, flexible lesson plan and co-delivered that lecture to the class.”