JCU Professor Rosa Filardi Participates in Cambiamenti Work Festival

Professor Rosa Filardi

Professor Rosa Filardi

JCU Professor Rosa Filardi, lecturer in Italian and Theatre and certified Dance Movement Therapist will participate in the “Cambiamenti Work Festival” that will be held from Thursday November 21 to Sunday November 24, in Santo Stefano di Magra, Italy.

The Cambiamenti Work Festival was born from a collaboration between the Municipality of Santo Stefano di Magra, near the city of La Spezia, and Confcommercio (Italian General Confederation of Enterprises, Professions and Self-Employment) the largest business association in Italy.

The four-day festival will focus on the topic of work through ethics, wellness, art and solidarity. Food, music and dancing will also be part of the festival, which aims at putting workers’ wellbeing at the center of the discussion.

Professor Rosa Filardi will participate with a workshop on Dance Movement therapy on Sunday November 24. The Cambiamenti Work Festival will be held in the spaces of the ex Ceramica Vaccari, a symbol of work in the area.