Stardust Memories: Professor Barreau to Launch Documentary Podcast on Trastevere

John Cabot University Professor Chloé Barreau is launching a 4-episode documentary podcast entitled “Stardust Memories.” The series will be aired on RAI Radio 3, an Italian public radio broadcaster distributed by RAI (Italy’s public broadcasting company) starting on January 27 at 7:50 pm.

Chloe Barreau

Chloe Barreau

This radio documentary was commissioned by Tre Soldi Rai, a program dedicated to audio-documentary to illustrate the theme “The First 20 Years of the Century.” In fact, Professor Barreau’s podcast provides a direct testimony of her own experience in Rome throughout the first 20 years of 2000.

After studying French Literature at La Sorbonne University in Paris, Barreau moved to Italy in 1999, where she began her professional life teaching at the French Cultural Center & Gregorian University in Rome. While working as a freelance journalist and translator, Professor Barreau also wrote and directed various short films including “Acqua Passata” (2002) starring Italian actor Riccardo Scamarcio and TV documentaries such as “Anna M.” (2003) with French actress Anna Mouglalis and “Blue is the Colour”, selected at London Raindance Film Festival in 2004.

Professor Barreau has also collaborated with Colombian director Andres Arce Maldonado for documentaries such as “Stardust Memories” (2008) or “La Faute a Mon Pere” (2013) that won the Circom Award for “Best European documentary”.

Her podcast “Stardust Memories” is unique and extremely personal: through the memories of the letters she sent to her brother back in France, Professor Barreau tells the story of a young foreign girl living in Trastevere during the first years of the XXI century. In the podcast, she portrays the lives and real experiences of the locals from an intimate point of view.

The radio documentary unveils the social life of expats in Trastevere before the digital revolution, when the center of most relationships was a popular bar named “Stardust”. The “Stardust” bar becomes a literary device to tell the story of Rome in a precise historical moment, the early 2000s, and the story of a generation who was still unspoiled by smartphones and social media.

Professor Barreau currently works as a creative producer for many international television broadcasters, such as Fox Channels Italy, Rai 3, Studio Universal,  Canal+, and she often collaborates as speaker and voice-over for promos and commercials. Since 2018 Barreau is also a lecturer in communications at John Cabot University in Rome, teaching promotional videos.