Life is What You Make of It: Student Lukas Probst

Lukas Probst is an International Business major from Vienna, Austria, minoring in Economics and Legal Studies. Lukas has a very international upbringing and is an active member of the University’s Model United Nations society.

Lukas Probst

Lukas Probst

Where did you grow up?
I was born on the Island of Pulau Penang, Malaysia. Both my parents are Austrian and were traveling around the world for work before I was born. We lived in Oman, then again in Malaysia for 2 years, in Kuwait, Ireland, The Netherlands, and Kazakhstan, where I graduated from an international High School in 2018. Afterward, I moved to Austria to complete my state-mandated civil service, and I worked for 9 months in a Refugee Home carrying out various administrative and logistical tasks. Upon completion, I came to JCU.

What’s one challenge that you encountered and how did you overcome it?
Having to find new friends and connections every time you move but also being ready for new experiences and realities. The way to overcome this is to be open to new ideas, people, and experiences. Making the conscious decision to actively approach people and being receptive to what they have to say is also helpful. Moreover, you need to be able to listen to people. With all the political, economic, and social divisions occurring in the world today, it would be great if people would actively take time to listen to each other. Only by understanding what the other side wants can you hope to find a compromise.

What brought you to JCU?
Mainly three things. I felt the small classes and interactive teaching methods suited my strengths and gave me the feeling that I could really grow personally here. I always had a soft spot for Italy and its culture so when I got the opportunity to study here, I had to take it. One of my closest friends is from Rome and she had spent 3 years trying to convince me to study here. I visited the city and while I was sitting in one of the cafes by the Tiber River I decided to study at JCU.

You’re active in JCU’s Model United Nations society. Tell us about one of your fondest memories with MUN.
My fondest memory with MUN happened at Haarlem Model United Nations in the Netherlands in 2018. My team and I were standing around waiting for the opening ceremony to start when someone shouted my name. I turned around to see one of my best friends from my time in the Netherlands. They were also attending the conference and I, unexpectedly, got to see many of my old friends and spend some time with them. A great example of MUN bringing people together across the world.

You have volunteered in a refugee home in Austria. How did this experience shape you?
It had a big impact on me. Firstly, it provided me with a wealth of practical work experience, like filing a court case or reviewing and filling out documents. More importantly, however, it taught me to truly be thankful for the life I am privileged to have, but also that no matter how dire a situation may get, your mentality and your approach to life are what make a difference.

What are your plans for the future?
I wish to earn a Master’s in Management after completing my B.A. here at JCU. I plan to start a career in the automotive industry and eventually cultivate a vineyard in Northern Italy.