Assistant Director of Admissions Stefania Corrado on the Advantages of an International Education

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Stefania Corrado is Assistant Director of Degree-Seeking Admissions at JCU. She holds a Bachelor’s in International Relations from American University in Washington, D.C.

What brought you to JCU?
Upon graduation, I moved to Rome longing for an international experience, and stumbled across the opportunity to work in the JCU International Admissions Office. The position was the perfect fit for my career ambitions and now, after five years of experience in this field, I have garnered a strong passion for international education. I have had the opportunity to travel to over 50 different countries and meet students, families, and colleagues from all over the world. I am dedicated to enriching JCU’s diverse community and shaping the lives of our remarkable students.

Stefania Corrado in Chichen Itza, Mexico

Stefania Corrado in Chichen Itza, Mexico

Describe your typical workday.
One of my favorite aspects of working in Admissions is the dynamic work environment. Every day is different and that keeps me on my toes! Some days, I may be knee-deep in applications, reading interesting personal essays, only to be interrupted by a surprise campus visit or zoom meeting with a prospective student.

Other days, I am scheduling recruiting trips or working with other JCU offices to develop new strategies and initiatives, like creating a new Parents section on our website with our Web Team. In addition to these projects, I am also very active on our social media channels, especially our Admissions Instagram account @meetjcurome. You may have even seen me on a few Instagram Takeovers!

Why should students choose an institution like John Cabot University?
Studying at an American University in Rome is a truly transformative experience both academically and personally. Being in the position that I am, I get to see our students evolve from curious and daring high school students to successful professionals. At JCU, students are immersed in an inclusive and welcoming community of multicultural peers and mentors. Professors encourage interdisciplinary learning and guide students on their academic paths based on each individual’s needs and ambitions. Students are encouraged to get involved in leadership activities and community service, as well as take advantage of the Careers Services Center. On top of that, they have all the history, art, culture, and delicious cuisine of Rome at their disposal. It is inspiring!

When I am on the road, many adults say, “I wish I had known about this opportunity when I was in high school,” and this is exactly why I am so dedicated to helping students during the admissions process here at John Cabot. It is an honor to not only contribute to JCU’s diversity through recruitment but also by encouraging students to take this leap!

What are the advantages of receiving an education in an international environment?
In my opinion, the advantages are endless. I am in a position where I get to communicate with prospective students daily, so I learn so much about them both culturally and personally. I always imagine how interesting their classrooms must be as they discuss world issues from the perspective of their background and how it can shape a new understanding of that topic in other students and even professors.

The key advantage of the JCU experience is the competitiveness of our graduates. Students leave JCU with a worldwide alumni network that provides a wealth of opportunities. One JCU graduate told me that every city around the world has a little “JCU Embassy” he can rely on! Additionally, the nurturing and personalized academic environment prepares students for top-notch graduate programs, whereas studying in Rome makes them emotionally intelligent and adaptable. Our students graduate with a resume and background unlike any other due to the rare experience offered by the University, and the international exposure is the foundation for it all.

Do you ever receive feedback from students that you recruited?
Yes, and I am always so humbled by it. I have been on the road for JCU since 2015 and have had the pleasure of meeting students and families at their high schools and even in their homes. Being able to see their adventures in Rome and their professional achievements makes me incredibly proud! We even host a Welcome Dinner to bring the new, incoming class together and conduct focus groups to evaluate and improve our admissions process. It is a very rewarding job and some of the students I’ve recruited, like Alejandra and Una, have even given me a surprise shout-out!

Interest from American and international students has been increasing despite the pandemic. Why do you think that is?
Yes, applications to JCU have increased 50% over last year. Over the past 7+ months, the pandemic has forced our team, in both Admissions and Marketing, to shift from in-person recruitment activities to solely online. Even though this has been a transitional period, we took this as an opportunity to get creative and start new initiatives that involved collecting stories from our students, alumni, and professors, and sharing them on social media or Zoom. My favorite project so far has been the Academic Webinar Series, which is an interactive roundtable discussion among alumni and professors. The conversations were so engaging that we launched John Cabot University podcast.

During these unprecedented times, it is really encouraging to know that these online initiatives have been inspiring students to explore the world again. Students are understanding, now more than ever, how truly globalized our world is and how life-changing the JCU experience can be, especially in their professional lives. JCU students are resilient and prepared to withstand any challenge or opportunity!