No Code Prototyping: JCU Welcomes Entrepreneur Max Mirho

On March 4, 2021, Business Administration Professor Silvia Pulino welcomed Max Mirho, entrepreneur and founder of EntrepreNerd, to her online class “Introduction to Entrepreneurship.”

Max Mirho

Entrepreneur Max Mirho

The lecture titled “No Code Prototyping” served as an introduction to what ‘no-code’ tools are and how one can use them to build simple websites, apps and software.

Max Mirho began the lecture by saying that there is no need to have a technical background to develop a product. The so-called ‘no-code’ tools are specifically designed for users who need to create simple websites and mobile applications.

Mirho started by illustrating, an easy-to-use free application developed to create websites and personal e-portfolios. Then he mentioned and, two websites that allow users to dynamically design their products. The main difference between the two is that is designed to create single-page sites, while manages multi-page websites. Mirho also said that the latter is more intended for an intermediate/advanced audience because it requires more time to learn.

Watch the recording of the event No Code Prototyping with Max Mirho.

He also discussed Glide and Adalo, two free applications that allow one to build real applications quickly. Mirho had previously used these two applications for different clients and can attest that they are an easy and fast way to come up with professional apps.

Mirho concluded by giving advice on how to promote the application after it is launched. He said that the best way to raise the number of users is to search for communities on Facebook groups and Google forums that might be interested in the product and “ask for feedback and help.” This way one can gain useful feedback from users, while promoting his/her product.