JCU Participates in Roman Sports Championship Opening Ceremony

JCU participated in the inauguration of the 16th edition of the Roman Sports Tournament Championship held on November 30, 2021, at the Salone D’Onore del CONI (The Italian National Olympic Committee, in Rome). The tournament, which lasts until May 2022, features the participation of fourteen universities in Rome and involves more than 700 students, eight disciplines, and hundreds of competitions.

JCU's delegation at the Roman Sports Tournament Championship

JCU’s delegation at the Roman Sports Tournament Championship

The event received the patronage of CONI Lazio, the Lazio Region, and the Municipality of Rome, and was promoted by the Sports Coordination of the Universities of Rome and by Unisport Roma. Established in 2005, the Roman Sports Tournament Championship is the only one of its kind in Italy and includes disciplines such as men’s football, men’s 5vs5 football, women’s football, mixed volleyball, 3vs3 basketball, and many more.

John Cabot University, as one of the founders and participants of this tournament, was represented by a delegation that included Dean of Students Carla Wiegers, Director of Student Services Pilar Murguia, Athletics Coordinator Marco Iorio, Women’s Soccer Coach Beatrice Boni, Athletics Assistant Massimiliano Menculini and 8 student-athletes.

The inauguration was kicked off by Prof. Attilio Parisi, head of the University of Rome Foro Italico, followed by the opening remarks of Riccardo Viola, President of CONI, who reminded all participants that the world of sports is made of values and sacrifices and that athletes are able to bring their best qualities to the different sports fields.

JCU’s student-athletes Audrey Irvine and Noam Ywaetz addressed the audience by reading the Tournament Sports Vow on behalf of all athletes: “Before you, in the name of the sport we practice, we vow to follow sportsmanship, ethics and fair play, inclusion and equality, to always respect our opponent and their valor, to accept above all the decisions taken by the referees and their verdict with dignity and honor.”

Best of luck to JCU’s Gladiators and to all participants. Follow the Roman Sports Tournament Championship.

(Pilar Murguia)