JCU Web Team Awarded Siteimprove Certificate for Web Excellence 2021

Web Excellence 2021

From left: Riccardo Pugliese, Roberta Cammarata (Siteimprove), and Elisa Aceri at the Web Excellence 2021 Award Ceremony

The John Cabot University Web Communications team (Director of Web Communications Berenice Cocciolillo, Webmaster Riccardo Pugliese, and Web Communications Assistant Elisa Aceri) has been awarded the Siteimprove Certificate for Web Excellence 2021. Siteimprove is a website-optimizing software designed to help users perfect their digital presence. The platform assigns a score for the website’s performance in each of the following areas: Quality Assurance, Accessibility, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

This is the second edition of the competition and saw the participation of about 80 candidates in Italy from different sectors (education, transportation, administrative, financial, etc.). The award is given to those who have secured a score of at least 85% in their DCI (Digital Certainty Index), which is calculated as an average of Quality Assurance, Accessibility, and SEO.

The award ceremony was held on April 1, 2022, at Palazzo Montemartini in Rome. The day-long event was organized into three separate segments called “Inspire, Reward, and Engage.” After a welcome reception, speakers from different sectors delivered presentations related to the topic of Web Performance, Accessibility, and Digital Marketing, to share their experiences with the participants.

Riccardo Pugliese and Elisa Aceri delivered a presentation centered on Quality Assurance by focusing on the University’s website history, the challenges the team has had to face, and the solutions they implemented.

Web Excellence 2021

Web Excellence 2021

After the lunch break, the winners of the Siteimprove Certificate for Web Excellence 2021 received their awards. With a Digital Certainty Index of 88%, the JCU Web Communications team won for the second consecutive time, after the break imposed by the pandemic.

The last part of the event consisted of roundtables where the participants discussed various topics related to Web Performance in the context of education, government, business, and customers. The JCU Web Communications team participated in the roundtable dedicated to education, along with representatives from Sapienza University of Rome, the University of Milan, the University of Bologna,  the University of Padua, and the University of Enna Kore in Sicily. The discussion focused on web analytics, with the participants exchanging ideas about industry best practices.

“We are humbled by this award, and we thank Siteimprove for the opportunity. The competition provided an incentive to come together as a team and focus our efforts on a shared objective,” said Riccardo. “A good website is never done and we hope to continue improving in the future.”