JCU Alumna Tatiana Badillo Campuzano Elected Vice-President of Junior Enterprises Europe 

JCU alumna Tatiana Badillo Campuzano has recently been elected Vice-President of Junior Enterprises Europe. Born in the U.S. and raised in both the U.S. and Mexico, Tatiana graduated in 2024 with a major in International Business and a minor in Marketing. While at JCU, she worked as a Resident Assistant and was the Treasurer of the STAND club. She also earned a Certificate in Sustainability for her participation in the Triggering Change Competition. 

Below, Tatiana tells us more about herself, Junior Enterprise, and what this role means to her. 

What brought you to JCU? 
I decided to go to JCU because of the diversity not only in the multicultural community but also in its education. I valued the fact that JCU offered a broad selection of courses and allowed students to experiment with their passions beyond the classroom through clubs, events, and activities such as community service. I was really focused on my education, but I also wanted to be part of the community, which was important to me. 

Tatiana Badillo Campuzano
Tatiana Badillo Campuzano with JCU President Franco Pavoncello at Commencement 2024

Can you give us some background on Junior Enterprise as an organization? 
JEs are non-profit student organizations that work exactly like real companies, with the only difference being that they are entirely managed by and composed of students in higher education. University students from all backgrounds are welcome to join the Junior Enterprise that is associated with the university they attend. By providing consulting services to individuals, companies, and institutions, they have the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience and put into practice what they learn in the classroom. Students have full ownership of their actions, which differentiates this experience from an internship. 

How did you arrive where you are today within the JE network? 
Having started my path as a Junior Entrepreneur at JERO International Consulting, the JE founded by John Cabot University students, I was then introduced to a much broader network, that I will be proudly representing starting from August 1st. All Junior Enterprises come together under national confederations, which in turn come under the big umbrella of Junior Enterprises Europe, a network comprising over 35,000 students in 16 countries, which continues to expand yearly.  

What will your role entail?  
As incoming Vice-President, I will be based in Brussels in order to represent the voice of all European Junior Entrepreneurs with the European Institutions and key high-level stakeholders. I will be able to interact with companies and international organizations, and my main objective will be to foster a sense of trust and hope towards youth thanks to our network. 

How does JE make a difference?  
I am deeply inspired by the words of Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, who highlighted the importance of entrepreneurship in education, admitting that she “particularly [welcomes] Junior Enterprises Europe’s efforts in taking entrepreneurship education further in Europe and offering as many students as possible a real-life experience of what it means to be entrepreneurial in today’s world.” By nurturing relationships like this, JE Europe aims to continue fostering the growth of the JE Network.