JCU Writing and Pedagogy Working Group Presents Teaching Guide at International Meetings

How is Artificial Intelligence changing university-level writing, and how should professors adapt their teaching to the new educational landscape? These are questions that prompted John Cabot’s Department of English Language and Literature, as well as JCU’s Frohring Library, to create a teaching guide. The guide was written by the JCU Writing and Pedagogy Working Group in the Spring 2024 Semester. At the end of the semester, the group presented its comprehensive teaching guide at two international events, earning an enthusiastic reception among an audience of university-level writing and information literacy instructors.

Professor Christin Campbell, Professor Theresa Lindo, Professor Tara Keenan, and librarian Nicoletta Romano
From left, Professors Christin Campbell, Theresa Lindo, Tara Keenan, and librarian Nicoletta Romano

The Liberal Arts Guide to Academic Writing in the Age of AI: Crafting Meaning, Empowering Students funded by the Open Society University Network’s Liberal Arts and Sciences Collaborative (LAS Collab) based in Parami University, includes the most recent research involving AI, university-level writing, and student success data, as well as 10 instructional modules on how to include AI tools into writing assignments while maintaining a liberal arts approach.

On June 11-14, the Writing and Pedagogy Working Group attended the first event at the European Writing Center’s biennial conference in Limerick, Ireland, to present to Writing Center directors and tutors. Their presentation included the guide, as well as practical ideas for Writing Center tutors to implement during tutorial sessions. The second event, on July 2, was a web-based presentation organized by the LAS Collab, featuring highlights from the guide and a Q&A session on how to get the most out of AI tools when using them in courses. Both presentations included interactive and AI-based tools to demonstrate the applicability of the tools to enhance the Liberal Arts approach.

The Writing and Pedagogy Working Group includes professors from the Department of English Language and Literature (Professors Christin Campbell, Tara Keenan, Theresa Lindo, and Andrew Rutt) as well as librarian Nicoletta Romano.