JCU Professor Silvia Scarpa Speaks on Human Trafficking at Johns Hopkins University Bologna Center

Dr Silvia Scarpa, Adjunct Professor of Political Science at John Cabot University, attended a Conference organized by the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna of Pisa, the University of Milan and the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, with the co-operation of the Italian Department of Civil Protection (Protezione Civile).

The conference, titled “Diritto Internazionale e Disastri: Prevenzione, Preparazione, Risposta” (International Law and Disasters: Prevention, Preparation and Response), was held on November 7th-8th and saw Dr Scarpa present her paper on the issue of disasters and child abduction, sale and trafficking.

Professor Scarpa is set to attend the “Incorporating Human Trafficking in Academic Institutions: The European Experience” Regional Conference at the University of Amsterdam, organized by the Protection Project of the Johns Hopkins University of Washington D.C. and the University of Amsterdam. She will present the results of her research on student awareness and action in the field of contemporary slavery & human trafficking. She also organized “The Anti-Trafficking and Contemporary Slavery Week”, held in October 2011 at JCU.

This semester, Dr Scarpa teaches JCU courses in “Human Rights” and “Human Trafficking & Contemporary Slavery”. The latter will also be offered in spring 2012.