Study Abroad in Rome: Charlotte Landon's Experience

Learning a new language, immersing myself in a new culture and making new friends were only a few reasons why I wanted to study abroad. The experiences I gained while attending John Cabot University allowed me not only to become more independent and mature, but also a global citizen.

I chose to attend JCU because it is an American liberal arts university in Rome. As a Communication of Arts and Science major, John Cabot had all my required courses. It was also very easy to apply – all I needed to do was fill out my application online and send in my transcripts. In addition, John Cabot University allowed me to save money, because it was less expensive compared to my university in the US. This was a pleasant surprise, as I used to think that studying in another country would be a lot more expensive relative to the U.S.

I made so many memories while attending John Cabot University. From the diversity of students from all over the world to my travels across Europe, it was truly the adventure of a lifetime!

Charlotte Landon
Study Abroad student, Spring 2010