Read Elizabeth Landon's Story of Her Semester Studying Abroad at JCU!

Ever since high school, I knew I wanted to study abroad; deciding where, well, that was the hard part.

I had taken some language classes in high school and college, but ultimately I wanted to immerse myself into a culture that was distinct and foreign from my own. John Cabot University provided me with the best guidance on how to apply and convinced me that Rome has so much to offer, yet is a safe and affordable city.

Because JCU is an accredited American university, my student loans and scholarships transferred over and in the end, it ended up being more affordable than the university I was currently attending. John Cabot University is extremely helpful in advising and helping their students in every way to make them feel comfortable studying abroad. I even convinced my friend from another university to come and study with me. Our families felt more comfortable as we traveled to various cities both inside and outside of Italy (the Rome airport is a hub for many airlines).

Sharing these experiences has created a lifelong bond between us, and I am so proud to call John Cabot my “study abroad alma mater!”

Elizabeth Landon
Study Abroad student, Spring 2010

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