John Cabot University Unveils Dean's List Scholarship

John Cabot University is pleased to announce the addition of a new scholarship, the JCU Dean’s List Scholarship, to the current existing scholarship opportunities available to its students.

The John Cabot University Dean’s List Scholarship may be awarded to current John Cabot University students who were not awarded JCU-funded merit-based scholarships upon entrance to the University but, have demonstrated excellent academic performance in their JCU studies by making the Dean’s List. Students on the Dean’s List have achieved a 3.50 grade point average in a semester earned in a program of not fewer than 13 completed semester hours.

Dean of Academics Mary Merva says that “Scholarships such as this will allow us to reward those students who have shown significant improvement in their academic work at the University and is a testament to the quality of our student body and the fostering of student excellence that is part of the JCU tradition.”

Students will receive a semester award of $1000 or €1000 applied to their tuition based on their currency of payment. The award will be applied towards the tuition of a regular semester (fall or spring) subsequent to their appointment to the Dean’s List. Eligible students will have completed 30 university credits and have not been awarded JCU-funded merit-based scholarships defined as those that are awarded primarily on prior academic achievement such as the Presidential or Italian Merit Scholarships. This award may be received more than once.

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