JCU Investment Club Travels to Malta

JCU Investment Club

JCU Investment Club

From November 22nd to November 25th 2012, the John Cabot Investment Club traveled to Malta, and had the opportunity of meeting with various hedge funds, asset management firms and brokerage firms in Valletta, Sliema and St. Julians. The Investment Club also visited the Malta Stock Exchange.

The Investment Club chose to go to Malta upon researching various financial centers in Europe, like Luxembourg and Zurich. Malta was selected in light of its proximity to Italy and given the extraordinary availability of many Maltese finance professionals to host the Investment Club at their offices. Malta became a financial hot spot after joining the EU in 2004, even though the switch from the Maltese Lira to the Euro took place only three years later, in 2007. In addition, Malta benefits from a favorable tax system that is pushing it forward as a premier domicile alongside other popular locations like the Cayman Islands, Luxembourg and Cyprus.

The trip was a unique opportunity for the Investment Club to learn more about the buy-side financial industry and to discuss trading and valuation strategies outside the classroom. It also contributed to expanding the Club’s professional networks for the future.

Next semester the Investment Club will visit another financial center, possibly Liechtenstein or Luxembourg.

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