Guarini Institute Hosts Haifa’s Answer Screening

By Andrew Schaaf

On March 18th, the Guarini Institute for Public Affairs hosted a screening of Haifa’s Answer, written and directed by Emanuela C. Del Re & Roberto Cipriani. The film reviews the complex situation of the city of Haifa, Israel, a microcosm where Christians, Muslims, and Jews live together in peace and unity. People of different religious, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds share their everyday lives without struggle or rivalry, forming a society that, against the background of today’s contested peace and security, constitutes a cultural phenomenon in itself.

The film delves into the underlying relationships between the people of Haifa to explain this phenomenon. After over 50 interviews in many different languages with different members of the community, Del Re and Cipriani have managed to paint a full picture of the colorful society that sets an example for the rest of the world.

Interested in learning more? Visit the Film’s IMDb page