Introducing the New Aurelian Wing of JCU's Frohring Library!

The Aurelian Wing of John Cabot University's Frohring Library

The Aurelian Wing of John Cabot University’s Frohring Library

The newest addition to John Cabot University’s Frohring Library, the Aurelian Wing, was inaugurated last month and has quickly become a favorite study space for our students.

In designing the wing, architects Carlo Vigevano and Cinzia Abbate accomplished a perfect synthesis between ancient and modern, with exposed-beam ceilings and arched windows overlooking the Lemon Tree Courtyard contrasting the modern furniture and high-speed computers.

The new wing hosts 50 seats, a collection of over 2,000 titles, 5 workstations for online research, and a reference desk staffed by a professional librarian.

JCU President Franco Pavoncello says, “This wonderful new addition to the quality of academic life at John Cabot University was made possible thanks to a generous donation by the Paul & Maxine Frohring Foundation. We will always be grateful for their continuous support and trust in the success and growth of our University.

“Users are enthusiastic, even amazed at the quality of the space, and proud of their University,” said Head Librarian, Elisabetta Morani.

Students access the Aurelian Wing from the Don Bosco courtyard, which has become a great way for students to rest and catch some fresh air in between studies.

At the same time, the library personnel is implementing a new security system based on radio frequency identification, which will facilitate book circulation, inventories, and checks on the shelves.

According to Elisabetta Morani, “the new library space is very likely to become an icon representing academic work at JCU.” Find out more about the Frohring Library at John Cabot University.

See more photographs of the new Aurelian Wing on the John Cabot Alumni Association’s Facebook page.