JCU Announces Winner of the ISLO Logo Design Contest

ISLO Logo Design Contest Winner

ISLO Logo Design Contest Winner

On Thursday 7th March, in conjunction with the 4th Annual International Student Leadership Conference, the JCU Student Government will launch their new logo.

The logo is the result of a collaboration between JCU Professor Sabrina Schmidt, Liridona Malota, who is the president of the JCU Student Government, and the students of the Spring 2013 AS101-1 and AS101-2 Introduction to Graphic Design course.

JCU is proud to announce the Winner of the logo contest: Kelsey Manning, from the AS101-1 course.

Prof. Sabrina Schmidt would like to thank Liridona Malota, for “having been a great client to work with, but most importantly for having offered her students such a fantastic opportunity, enabling them to work on a real design project.”

The logo contest is yet another showcase of how students successfully work together to actively contribute to the JCU community and enrich the experience and collaboration of all involved.

A big thank you goes to all students of AS101 for having taken on this challenge with such enthusiasm and determination, presenting the client with a truly unique range of logo designs.

Congratulations to the winner, Kelsey Manning, who impressed the jury with her simple, yet striking logo design, that perfectly conveys the key values of the organization.