Congratulations to Leonardo Quattrucci for his Acceptance to Oxford

Born and raised in Rome, Italy, International Affairs major Leonardo Quattrucci came to John Cabot University after graduating from Liceo Classico Dante Alighieri. He will graduate from JCU in May 2013 and then he will leave for the University of Oxford.

Here’s his story:
One reason I came to John Cabot was because I knew it could bring out the best in me and prepare me for a Master’s degree at my dream school: the University of Oxford. I was sure that JCU was the only place in Rome and Italy where I could find a high-level international environment, excellent professors and professional opportunities. Well, I was right: I have just been accepted to Oxford’s Master of Public Policy!

For the past three years, I have lived in a unique environment that fosters debate and exchange with students from all over the world. Through a sort of cross-pollination, they have enriched my cultural and analytical perspective, helped me think about everyday issues in new ways and taught me how to communicate across cultures. Simultaneously, world-class professors and professionals have patiently taught me how to perfect my skills and transform my passions and potential into fruitful projects. They have guided me in my personal and intellectual growth.

Finally, JCU has given me the opportunity to apply my academic knowledge to real life experiences through its incredible internship program. At 19, I was selected for an internship at the Italian Parliament and the following year at the U.S. Embassy in Rome.

In short, thanks to the students, professors and opportunities I found at JCU, I have developed a global vision and solution-oriented analytical skills that will allow me to compete and thrive at Oxford and in any international context.