Meet John Cabot University Alumnus Garrett Goodman

JCU Alumnus Class of 2008 Garrett Goodman directs his entrepreneurial drive to growing Worldcrunch, a media outlet which delivers top international journalism previously shut off from English language readers.

Garrett Goodman has been a busy man since he graduated with his BA in International Affairs from John Cabot University in 2008 and he’s making a difference. His current efforts to raise funds for Worldcrunch
have been successful. According to their website, Worldcrunch delivers the best global journalism previously shut off from English language readers: selecting, translating and editing content from top foreign-language outlets.

Garrett Goodman arrived at JCU as a study abroad student through the Study Abroad Italy program, having already finished two years at San Diego State University. After his first JCU semester, he decided to transfer to JCU as a full-time student, and graduated in Spring 2008, majoring in International Affairs with a minor in Psychology.

That summer Garrett moved to Paris for an internship with the New York Times Syndicate, where he worked in the syndication department licensing NYT stories and videos to leading publications around the world. He was with the NYT for 11 months leaving with the position of International Assistant, and began working for a French startup, Citizenside, in August 2009. Garrett was the only non-French member of the Citizenside team, and took on the role of International Business Development, where he was responsible for expanding the business operations outside of France for three and a half years.

During that time Garrett was invited to begin blogging for the Huffington Post UK and US websites on digital journalism and new media innovation and use the platform as an outlet to build his personal brand and share insights from the rapidly evolving media industry. Since beginning his career in the media startup world, Garrett has been invited to speak at conferences in Hong Kong, London, Paris, and Perugia, and participated in a panel discussion at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas this year.

In September of 2012, Garrett began working for Worldcrunch as Head of Business Development and Innovation, and since early May this year, he has been planning and managing Worldcrunch’s first crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter, which finishes on July 3. In April this year, he also began consulting for a technology startup called VideoStep, and aiding them with their expansion into the US market. According to Garret, “Working for both a tech startup and a content startup in the media industry has been an extremely interesting experience, and has allowed me to gain a deeper and more nuanced understanding of the challenges facing the news business both in Europe and in the US.”

Garret took advantage the free consulting for JCU students and alumni offered by JCU’s Institute for Entrepreneurship where the Institute’s Director, Professor Silvia Pulino, said she had a very good discussion with him regarding his start-up marketing strategy.

Check out Garrett Goodman’s entrepreneurial project on Kickstarter.