Professor Alessandra Seggi Attends First Visual Methods Seminar

John Cabot University Communications Professor Alessandra Seggi was selected to attend an intensive 10-day seminar on visual studies and methods (August 25 – Sept. 3, 2013). The seminar was hosted by the University of Antwerp, located in Antwerp, Belgium. It was conducted by leading social scientists who have both used and studied visual methods in their research: Richard Chalfen, John Grady, Luc Pauwels, and Jon Wagner.

Positioned at the intersection of media, communication and the social sciences, the seminar attracted sociologists and practitioners in other fields from all over the world. Issues presented and discussed ranged from ethical guidelines as they pertain to visual methods to the legitimacy of visual sociology as a field of study; from theoretical frameworks to specific applications of visual methods for the study of urban environments.

“The richness of the material covered and the stimulating conversations with other participants will undoubtedly inform both my future research and teaching”, said Seggi.

Watch the Video Professor Seggi created for the seminar!

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