Congratulations Winners of Fall 2013 Cicero Speech Contest!

Fall 2013 Cicero Speech Contest

Left to right: Yang Lim, Zach Sherburne and Oleksandra Vereschak

By Olena Kotsar

On November 21, 2013 the traditional JCU Cicero Speech Contest took place in the Aula Magna Regina. For almost two hours, thirteen JCU students demonstrated their oratorical skills and knowledge of the United State’s current position in the world arena by answering the question “Has the U.S. lost its leading position?”

Professor Tom Govero opened the contest and emphasized its historic significance due to the fact that it takes place in Rome, the city of Marcus Tullius Cicero.

The panel of judges consisted of Roberto Ronzulli (Faculty Support Office), Danette Anderson (Director of Marketing), Alexandra Summers (JCU student and Faculty Support Office Student Assistant), and Gaby Ford (JCU Faculty member and Director of The English Theatre of Rome).

The first place prize went to Yang Lim, who pointed out that “America is still a top country in the world,” by initially articulating opposing views but then overturning them with his stronger argument. Zach Sherburne won second place by changing his prepared speech as other speakers presented valid arguments which forced Zach to improvise, his enthusiasm and rhetoric greatly capturing the audience’s attention. Third place went to Oleksandra Vereschak who combined formal data as well as her critical thinking skills to defend the hegemony of the US. The winners represented a wide range of views, and styles of delivery. One of the judges, Danette Anderson, said “Choosing three winning speeches was not easy because of the excellent quality of many of the talks. It was quite intriguing for the audience to have the opportunity to compare the various international perspectives represented in our student body.”

The contest finished with congratulatory applause and a positive atmosphere.

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