A Remarkable Evening of Interfaith Dialogue at John Cabot University

Students filled the Aula Magna on Wednesday, November 20th for a remarkable evening of interfaith dialogue sponsored by the JCU Student Government.

A panel of students including Protestants, Muslims, Catholics, Secular-Humanist-Atheists, Jews, Eastern Orthodox, a Buddhist, among others, representing four different continents, shared their faith experiences at John Cabot University and engaged in a profound discussion about the relationship between the religious and secular in the contemporary world.

Professor Michael Driessen, who moderated the discussion with Professor Tom Bailey, said: “The students felt very strongly that this international diversity of religious traditions and the ability to encounter and make friends across them is one of the great treasures of JCU for both our own degree students and the many visiting students who are part of our community. The openness and eloquence of the students was inspiring for us.”

The conversation broached many of the complex dynamics which make the theme so deeply felt today and highlighted the importance of future conversations on these topics, in keeping with the great American liberal arts tradition at John Cabot University in Rome.

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