Study Abroad Student Tomomi Hayata Shares her Experience in Italy

Tomomi Hayata

Tomomi Hayata

“After studying at an American university in Japan for 3 years, I decided that I needed a change. I always wanted to study in a unique foreign country within a stimulating academic environment, and choosing John Cabot University in Italy was certainly the right decision for me.

One of the reasons I selected JCU is its wide variety of courses. All the classes I took were interesting and some were truly inspiring. For example, international economics gave me comprehensive knowledge about some of the main economic and trade problems of the Eurozone. The economics classes I took at my home university in Japan tended to focus more on Japanese or Asian issues, so JCU was a good opportunity to gain insights into a completely different region.

My experience in Italy broadened my horizons outside of the classroom as well. As a person living on an island located in the Far East, it is so fascinating to me that in Western Europe so many countries are within easy plane or train distance from each other!

Even after I returned to Japan a few months ago, Italy still continues to play an important role in my life. In fact, the experiences I gained at JCU and in Italy literally led to my current job. I was looking for a position related to Italy and my current company actually decided to hire me because I studied in Italy. I am working near Tokyo for a Japanese company, but my current activities focus on supporting the oldest Italian dairy company, Brazzale, to expand its business in Japan. I deal with marketing research, sales coordination, and events coordination. Sometimes work is really tough, but every time I feel challenged, I motivate myself by thinking that I’m indirectly working for Italy, my favorite country in the world.”

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