Guarini Institute Welcomes Ukrainian Ambassador Izhevska

On March 10, 2014 the Guarini Institute of Public Affairs hosted the event “Women of Power in New Democracies” and welcomed Tetiana Izhevska, the Ukrainian Ambassador to The Holy See. Ambassador Izhevska held a talk regarding her position, and how women in the Ukraine are represented in government. Ambassador Izhevska brilliantly expanded upon some statistics regarding her own nation; stating that although a suprising 68% of public servants in the Ukraine are women, this statistic begins to drop the closer one comes to decision making positions.

Ambassador Izhevska went on to explain how women have continued to hold high-ranking positions around the world in government, international organizations, as well as in other positions of power. According to Ambassador Izhevska, the Ukraine is a gender-equal nation which ranks 64th on the gender equality scale according to the international index, with countries such as Italy ranking 74th. Therefore, as Ambassador Izhevska explains, there are still hindrances that are holding back women attempting to reach a position of power. These obstacles include traditional views, the reluctance of women to participate in high-power positions, and the counteraction of male politicians, to name only a few.

Ambassador Izhevska ended her presentation with a proposed solution, explaining how women must draw from the inspiration of others who have succeeded in the realms of power positions. The female youth of the Ukraine, as well as that of other nations, must strive for these top positions in order for this path to continue to keep the future bright.